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The Juniper - Thick Maple Butcher Block (12"x18"x2.5")

The Juniper - Thick Maple Butcher Block (12"x18"x2.5")


A home cook's dream: thick, sturdy, and even pulls out your chair for you at the dinner table. What a guy.

  • Product Details

    This item's production lead time is: Approx. 5 Business Days


    12"x18"x2.5" edge-grain maple butcher block with grip in-lay for easy maneuvering. Grain and coloring may vary from board to board. Sealed with a blend of food-grade mineral oil and bees wax. Not vegan!

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    We accept returns and will issue a full refund on any goods damaged in transit. Buyer to pay return shipping costs. As each piece is hand-made to order, we do not currently accept returns on otherwise acceptable products. Email with any questions or return requests.


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