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Founder & Chief Maker, Andrew, measures a workpiece

Our Mission

I founded Knollwood Road in 2022, frustrated by today’s abysmal product quality at every turn. Inexpensive items—hastily mass-produced and delivered within a few days—can be clutch, but that doesn’t work long term when things wear down after a couple years. Replacement costs add up. Not to mention how questionable the materials themselves are—and rarely a way to know where or how they’re made.


So, Knollwood Road was born with the mission of providing only high quality, handcrafted home goods made right down the street. By staying local, we’re limiting what it typically costs to deliver on our quality promise, and we’re building a local supplier-maker-customer network that supports our community’s economy.


We’re proud to be imprinting a more connected, meaningful sense of “home” along the way.


Your neighbor,



Trusted Local Partners

Anderson & McQuaid

Cambridge, MA

Artisan's Asylum

Boston, MA

Ashland Lumber

Ashland, MA

Boulter Plywood

Medford, MA

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