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Handcrafted home goods. Made & sold in Boston.

Making it easier to deliver high quality products because we make them right down the street. Learn more.


Home cooks using a cutting board

Butcher Blocks & Cutting Boards

Rome wasn't built in a day. Neither is anything we make.

That's because we hand cut, hand glue, hand paint and hand finish everything that leaves the shop, so you get only the best.

Notepad sitting on a desk


Looking for something custom made? Ask about our commissions. Our approach to every project remains the same: producing beautiful, functional, handcrafted pieces built to last.


Knollwood Road was born with the mission of providing only high quality, handcrafted home goods made right down the street. By staying local, we’re limiting what it typically costs to deliver on our quality promise, and we’re building a local supplier-maker-customer network that supports our community’s economy.

Founder & Chief Maker Andrew uses a saw in the workshop
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